Accepted Vendor Form

After reviewing the event or events that you are interested in complete the Accepted Vendor form below. Once submitted I will review your response and respond by email. If approved for the event, your approval is good for that day so please complete the form when you are ready to purchase your space.
The purpose of the form is to review your business information, make sure there are not to many like vendors and promote your business on instagram. 
It is important to complete a separate form for each event that you are interest in. 
Most payments are made on the website for all Eyez On U Events. You are also able to purchase some of our events on Eventbrite but it will include Eventbrite fees for each event. I also accept Cashapp for those who choose to pay that way. You will have all of those options available to you on the below form. If you choose Cashapp as your method of payment, I will send you my cash app tag when I send the approval and I will manually add you to the event on my website. You will receive a confirmation email for your purchase.
If you have any questions you can always email me at